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7 Reasons Why We’re Different Than Any Other Gold Coast Web Design Company!

1) We are marketers first and web geeks second. The money has and always will be in the marketing of your website. Doesn’t matter if you have the prettiest site in the world… if it doesn’t convert visitors into leads or sales your website will never increase the profits of your business. With us you not only get a WOW website, but you get a marketing machine behind it to ensure your website actually converts visitors into leads and sales! (see examples of more of our services here)

2) You get access to our Proven Websites That Sell Sales System. We’ve perfected our websites sales system into a profitable money making machine – and we hand it over to our clients on a silver platter. We’ve applied our system in a wide variety of industries and it just plain work! (see what our clients have to say to the right)

3) You get direct access to David Krauter otherwise known as “The Secret Weapon” all the big marketers in Australia sneak through the back door to ensure their campaign succeeds… That’s right, David Krauter personally gets involved in the strategy of every project. With countless websites under his belt he still consistently amazes our clients with the web strategies he outlines for their project. (See what Alexi has to say about David in the first video to the right)

4) You can even have access to John Dwyer “The Seinfeld Guy”. Yep… we told you we’re unlike any other web firm down here on the Goldy… And that’s because our very serious clients want it all! Not only do they want the web marketing brain of David Krauter, but they also want to dig deep into the genius of John Dwyer who’s the man responsible for bringing Seinfeld to Australia for one of his previous clients. (check out what Seinfeld said about JD here). If you want serious marketing horse power behind your website then you need a dose of JD as part of your strategy.

5) We are a one stop shop! Doesn’t matter if you simply need a one page site, a big eCommerce website or strategic sales funnel site for your business (plus SEO traffic for your site) – we do it all. You won’t have to go anywhere and stress with different suppliers to get your content, videos or graphics created. We specialise in all aspects of what’s needed to turn visitors into leads or customers and apply every conversion tool under the sun if needed – and if you think of something that we’ve never done before we can even create it from scratch…

6) We work fast! That’s right, we put tight deadlines into all of our projects and ensure we delivery the highest quality work at the most efficient rate possible. Our complete project management system allows us to efficiently communicate with you to deliver your finished project in record time.

7) We stand behind our Service! We have a 100% money back guarantee behind everything we do. This gives you total peace of mind when hiring us to complete your project, you’ll receive exactly what you’re after. (Note: your specific guarantees will be outlined in your project proposal)

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